HDMI 2.1 is already official, and will be prepared for screens 10K

HDMI 2.1

At the begginings of this year we talked to you about the new standard HDMI 2.1 presented in the CES,a draft of the new standard which would come definitly at the end of 2017 and that will have a support for HDR dynamic. Some hours ago, the official specifications of the new standard HDMI 2.1 have been made known, and they are coming with some very interesting novelties and surprises related to the initial draft.

The HDMI 2.1 is a standard developed thinking specially of the future in order to, besides being able to take advantage at the most of the televisions UHD of last generation they will also be able to get benefits of the potential of the future models gifted with panels Super Hi-Vision.

Although in the beggining this new standard was going to be prepared for resolutions 8K ( 7680 x 4320 ), it finally seems to be coming with support for resolutions of 10K ( 10.240 x 4.320 ) which will function, besides, to a maximun of 120 Hz. In addition to this standard HDMI 2.1, like the resolutions 4K @ 120 Hz y 8K @ 60 Hz, the support for HDR dynamic and the conectivity with audio-systems eARC, specially designed to work with formats of audio without compression based in objects, such as DIS:X and the great Dolby Atmos.

HDMI 2.1

Besides, this new standard HDMI 2.1 will also be a very important version for the gamers, and it is because it will incorporate a function of adaptive refresh which is going to permit us to reduce the stuttering and the tearing when we play in the screen, just like Quick Frame Transport (QFT) which will reduce the latency.

Last. Quickly Media Switching (QMS) will permit us to reduce the black pauses that appear while watching videos.

When will we be able to enjoy the HDMI 2.1?

Without a doubt, this new standard will imply a great advance, so for the users that use it to watch movies or any kind of content in their televisions, as, above all, for the players, who will be able to enjoy the advantages that offer protocols like G-Sync and Free-Sync in the shape of Standard HDMI.

Besides, as we have seen all this year long, every time, among the makers of routers and servers NAS are more those who have a port HDMI that permit us to connect it directly to the tv. set. Most of the current models have support for resolutions until 4K, even when it will not be rare to see along 2018, some makers will start to implement the new HDMI 2.1, and so they will permit to reproduce content until 8K, in the highest gamma, at least.

The main television makers will not either delay to start to sell last generation televisions already fixed for this new standard, even update the firmware of the present ones to make them suitable with this new standard HDMI. Besides, Microsoft, on one hand, has already confirmed that will update Xbox One X to make it suitable, soon, with a simple patch, while Sony, on the other hand, should not delay too much to do the same with its most advanced console, the PS4 Pro.

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