How and why to convert your JPG y PNG images to SVG

Photos or digital images come in a lot of formats. JPG, PNG y GIF are the most common, regardless there are other formats like SVG, that are used more every day. What are the differences between formats? What advantages do we have when using one or the other? These are the questions that many people have when saving, sharing or using different formats. Now, we’ll showcase how to convert JPG y PNG images to SVG and the pros and cons of this image format.

What is SVG image format and its advantages

SVG is an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics, this means that images in this format, are digital images formed by vectoral graphics. JPG, PNG, and other formats are based on bit maps. In these formats, every pixel of the image saves its own information and zooming the image makes it look blurry.

JPG y PNG images to SVG

Contrary to what happens with bit-map based images, images in SVG format, being vectoral images, when we zoom the images it draws its vector again in relation to the zoom and there’s no loss of quality.

Even with all of the SVG’s pros when transferring and saving images it also has some cons. SVG images take little space and can be zoomed in without loss of quality, however there are some inconveniences when dealing with bit-map images.

Inconveniences of SVG against JPG and PNG

SVG is accepted in every browser without any problem but, we could find problems with old versions of some browsers. It’s a more professional format than the average bit-map, this means that web and graphic designers and also the most experienced users are the ones that are going to take the most advantage of this format.

But perhaps, the main issue is that we cannot take vector pictures with a camera, also it’s impossible to copy that image from the browser to open in any image editor. It has its limitations when processing content with vectors, the SVG format is especially designed for determined graphics, logos or single images.

To open this format, we’ll need a vectoral image editor. Many of you have wondered, how to convert a bit-map image to a vectoral image. Or rather, how to convert a JPG or PNG image to SVG.

JPG y PNG images to SVG

How to convert a JPG and PNG image to SVG

For this we can use free online tools like OnlineConverter, Convertio or VectorMagic, etc. And also, there’s Inkscape, a professional editor for vectoral graphics for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that is also free and open code.

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