How to fix the battery problems in Android caused by Google play services

Google play services

In the last hours the app of Google Play Services system was updated to the version 11.7.46 to correct some lesser performance problems, but the solution seems to have been worse than the sickness. And it is because many users warn that after installing the update they have found themselves having severe problems of battery in Android.

If you have gone through problems of battery in Android in the last hours, keeping the same usage in your cell phone, maybe the fault is on Google Play services, just as it is warned from Reddit. There are some users there who started complaining about the fact that the update of this service is wearing down the battery of their smartphones (no matter what model it is) in an alarming way. In fact, even when the problem seems to prevail, especially on the Google Pixel and One Plus devices, none is safe from being affected with this problem that, fortunately, has a solution.

If you see the bright of your screen stays stable, you are neither constantly consuming videos from your cell phone nor executing any other activities that could cause battery problems in Android, it is probable that you are affected by the failure of the app of the system. This app is the fundamental dorsal spine of Android and, one of its tasks is to manage the permissions of the location of the cell phone, and it is something that affects directly the cell phone energy.

Solution to the battery problem of Google Play Services

Fortunately, to fix these problems of battery in Android has an easy solution, once you have detected that the origin of them is in Google Play services. Even when it could sound contradictory, some users seem to have updated their format beta, and then, like magic, all the problems have been solved.

How do I install the beta of Google Play services in my cell phone? Very simple. To install the last version of Google Play Services v11.9.49 beta in your Android, the only thing you must do is download the APK from APKMirror. Another system you can follow is to become a beta tester of Google Play services and receive the beta update through a notification.

Whichever of the two process you decide to follow, you should stop having these battery problems in Android. If it did not work, please, leave a comment in this very same new and we will try to give you a hand in order you to be able to normally use your smartphone.

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