How to make a clean restart in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is already among us, besides, it is full of changes, improvements and novelties of all kinds, many of them visible and noticeable for all of the users and many others that have been introduced in the background, without fanfare, and designed to upgrade the experience of the users whenever they use the new operating system, as, for example, a new function that is applied when turning on and restarting Windows which permit us to start again with all the apps opened again, just as they were at the moment of restarting.

This new function has been implemented in the operating system in order to upgrade the experience of the users and speed up the restarts of the system and the turnings off as well, and at the same time, to permit to the users to recover the previous status of their computers when they turn them on again.

Even when this function is so interesting, nevertheless, it has come with a lot of problems that can cause some apps to entail problems when trying to restart again. Some of these apps are Google Chrome or NordVPN, according to the reports of some users.

Although, this function has come enable by default in all Windows 10 Fall Creators Update systems, Microsoft has hidden in the system a very simple way to restart and turn off, without this change taking effect, completing absolutely all the apps so that, when we start again, they will not be open and we may have done a clean restart in Windows 10.

How to turn off or restart Windows 10 without the apps we had opened become opened again.

We all are generally used to turning our computers off from the menu Start of Windows. Even when it is the most comfortable way, from Windows 10 Full Creators Update, the restart is not real, but it works as we have explained, and when it starts once again, the apps we had before opened, open by themselves again.

To avoid this happening again, what we have to do is to use the option “close Windows” so that, when we turned the computer off, or restarted it, from here, the process to be completed, and whenever you turned it on again, it started clean.

To open this menu to close Windows, the only one thing we must do is to locate the desk of the system and pulse key Alt+F4 of the keyboard (Shortcuts of the keyboard that, generally, serves you to close a window or a program)

Whenever we do it, we will be able to see a window like the next one.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

In this window we will decide if we want to start or to turn off, and that´s it.

Whenever we do it, Windows will close all the apps we had opened and will turn the system off.

When we turned it on again, the system will have charged clean again, without opening neither apps, nor any process that we might have left opened.

As an alternative to this process, we can also open a window of CMD and execute the next command which does the same than the menu of close Windows but allow us, for example, to create a direct access to it.

. shutdown / r / t0

Are you used to doing clean restarts in Windows or you prefer to have your session restored when you turn your pc on?

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