Microsoft Edge for Android, the first stable version is already here: these arfe its characteristics

Microsoft Edge for Android

After a month of testing, today the Microsoft Edge navigator launches its first stable version for Android mobile devices.

During these weeks, Microsoft Edge has polished small flaws and adding new characteristics to offer a complete web navigator that’s trying to become another alternative to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

This is Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge arrives to Android mainly for Windows 10 users, so they can use Microsoft’s web navigator and enjoys its synchronization in mobiles as well as in PC.

Incognito mode

Microsoft Edge for Android

Edge for Android has every basic feature that we can expect from a web navigator. It allows us to open web pages in various tabs, using incognito mode for private navigation, texts browser and many more features that we’ll go over promptly.

Sending tabs from your PC

Microsoft Edge for Android

One of Microsoft Edge for Android’s more important features is that in only two touches we can send a web page to our PC to continue our work on Windows 10.

Dark theme

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge allows us to customize its interface thru its themes of light and dark color. Its appearance is customizable from the apps own settings.

Reading list and much more

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge allows us to synchronize our markers, reading list and our history. It will also synchronize our passwords and autofilling.

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