Roccat celebrates 10 years of the Kone mouse and launches an AIMO special version

10 years ago, the German manufacturer Roccat launched the revolutionary mouse Kone, a device that made Gaming in a time when it was only beginning to be noticed, this is why it’s widely considered a pioneer. To celebrate ten years from its launch, Roccat has launched the Kone AIMO special edition, adding all of the best technology available now.

El Roccat Kone was one of the first peripherals in the market that had RGB lighting, a must now for a mouse in Gaming. From its launch, the Kone has had many variants, with better sensors in every release, ergonomics and illumination, and now with the AIMO the fabricant wants to add all the experience of these ten years of development to provide users with the best device possible.


The new Roccat Kone AIMO incorporates the Owl-Eye sensor with up to 12.000 DPI of sensibility, configurable and with the possibility of changing the resolution on the go without needing any software. On that subject, in these 10 years Roccat also has improved much this aspect, it’s now called SWARM and allows easy controlling of all the setting for the peripherals.


Following the AIMO, Roccat says that it has improved its ergonomics -for righties- but maintained the design that made people fall in love with the Kone line the first place. The biggest change is in the thumb zone, in which they have introduced a third button at the bottom that allows us to activate Easy-Shift [+], with which we can configure different profiles for the other buttons (although logically we can use it for any other function that we want to configure in the software). As always, it incorporates the robust 4D Titan scrolling Wheel, OMRON switches that last more than 50 million pulses, etc.

The new Kone AIMO is already available at a recommended retail price of 79.99 euros.

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