Sets in Windows 10 could be the gratest change of interface since Windows 95

Windows 10

Microsoft does not stop surprising us with the new functios and characteristics that over the years and based on updates, bigger orless important, has been implementing in the different versions of Windows.

After bringing to the stage Windows 10, Redmond´s firm has proposed to create a whole “universe”centered in the las version of Windows where all types of apps are globalizad and multi platform services and that they work in any kind of devices in a synchronized way. This is, at least, one of the main goals of the company, it is something that is being achieved little by little.

But of course, in a parallel way to all the new functions that gradually are coming to us, something the company based in Redmond, must not forget, is everything related with the user´s system interface, something that is also being renewed. In fact, from several months ago, they have been talking about the new design Fluent Design that Microsoft is introducing both in the OS itself, as in the UWP apps and platforms that operate in it.

Nevertheless, and if we continue with the section of the user interface of Windows 10, it is worth to mention that for many Microsoft is about to make available to everyone one of the greatest changes in this sense, since Windows 95 was launched. We concretely are talking about the Sets function, a characteristic that the brand has already presented officially for the members of the program Insider, which make us think that it soon will be available to everyone.

Windows 10

Sets will change the concept of the usage of Window 10

As a matter of fact, it is hoped it will be available in the next update Redstone 4 of Windows 10 which will be launched in the Spring of 2018. So, with Sets it is very probable that our present way to work with the Microsoft system to be changed in a great meassure, because with all of that they intend to make use of the, so far succesful tabs that have done a lot of good to the Internet sailors that we use nowadays. This way. What is intended is to improve both the productivity and the comfort whenever you worked with Windows, everything through a new multi window interface centered in the before mentioned tabs.

This way the users can open, for example, a new tab in the window of the app itself we are using in that moment, something that will be effective in a large number of apps and services of the system itself, the same way as in the UWP. So, we will have the possibility to include everything which is related with the same task in different sections separated by tabs, it is, the way we do in the web sailors, but extensible to the rest of platforms and tools of Windows 10.

What we really do not doubt at all, is that with this launching, is that the way we work with the apps and services of the Microsoft system is going to substantially change for every one of us.

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