What annoys me the most about passing from Android to iOS (and vice versa)

Android to iOS

About a month ago I bought an iPhone 8 Plus, putting aside my dear Galaxy S7 edge to give it a chance to apple devices. It’s already known: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. The fact is that, after a month of testing, and having found their good things and their bad things, there is just one thing that keeps annoying me and that, unless the stars are aligned, there is no solution in a short term.

I have always liked to buy apps. If a developer does a good job, I think the best way to make it up for him is paying for his app, and throughout my android life (which I still keeping even thoug i use an iPhone) I bought dozens of apps and spent many euros. Now, all that money doesn’t worth anything, because an app that I bought on Google Play I have to rebuy it on the App Store.

For when the multiplatform apps?

Android to iOS

There are lots of paid apps that I used on my everyday and that now, unfortunately, I can’t use. They are not essentials apps, but I have paid for them and I would like to be able to use them regardless the operating system I use. A couple of clear examples would be Shazam Encore or Soundhound Pro (yes, I bought both), Tiny Scanner, Geometry Dash, the two of Monument Valley, Reigns or Runtastic Pro.

Those apps and games that I already paid for on Android i can not use them on iOS, and it seems wrong to me. I think that, regardless of the platform is being used, users should have the right to access an app they have paid for. From my point of view, it’s like I bought a subscription to Spotify Premium but I could only use it on the computer and not on the phone.

On my opinion, I think both operating systems should learn to coexist, and make some data crossing in orden to the App Store knows that I have bought X app anteriorly on Android, and vice versa. That would not only help people who pass from Android to iOS, but would be a incentive for people who don’t want to make the jump from iOS to Android because of the fear of losing their apps.

Android to iOS

I understand it is a more complicated job for developers, but I am sure many people would be willing to pay a higher price for the apps if they had the guarantee that they are buying them for any operating system. This is my personal opinion, and I’d love to hear yours, so don’t hesitate on leave it on comments for open the debate.

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